26 – 29 June 2023, Delft, The Netherlands

On behalf of the International Committee on Aeronautical Fatigue and Structural Integrity we invite you to participate in the 38th ICAF Conference and 31st ICAF Symposium. This combined ICAF 2023 event will be held from 26-29 June 2023 in Delft, the Netherlands, and is open to participants from all over the world, including those from non-member countries.

ICAF is an informal organization that consists of the General Secretary and the National Delegates from the seventeen member countries. ICAF has been around for many years and our main objectives are as relevant as ever: to connect the aircraft structural integrity community and to promote the exchange of information and ideas concerning aeronautical fatigue and structural integrity. More details about ICAF can be found on our permanent website:

The aviation industry is currently facing many challenges, notable ones being labour shortage and climate change. Enhanced technology is now being developed that aims to reduce the need for skilled labour in the production and sustainment of aircraft. Radically new aircraft configurations are being studied in order to find solutions to decarbonise the entire sector. Furthermore, new non-traditional OEMs are developing urban air mobility concepts at a pace that was unheard of until recently. All this entails the risk of unexpected and unknown structural integrity issues. The theme of ICAF 2023 therefore is: Aircraft Structural Integrity in a World in Transition

We encourage you to contribute to our event with a paper on a topic that aligns with the ICAF 2023 theme. If selected, we will publish your paper on our permanent website. For ease of reference we will provide it with a DOI, or Digital Object Identifier, which uniquely identifies your document and which provides it with a permanent web address (URL).

New format

Our National Reviews provide a unique overview of the relevant research activities in each of the member countries and of the research trends over the years. During our past events they were presented during the first two days of the event (“the conference”) whereas the second part of our events provided an open podium for the specialist papers (“the symposium”). During ICAF 2023 we will merge the conference and symposium (and refer to it as “the conference”, although we will keep the dual numbering for old times sake) and present the National Reviews per topic, rather than per country, in a multi-speaker arrangement. We will distribute the topical reviews over the conference and have each technical session start with a pertinent review.

Another innovation is that we will organize a two day summer school for PhD students that will run in semi-parallel to the conference, with the possibility to attend the remaining conference days and to earn one or two ECTS points (European Credit Transfer System). We expect that this will promote the attendance of younger people.

We hope that you will like our new format and we look forward to welcoming you at ICAF 2023!

René Alderliesten, ICAF National Delegate for the Netherlands

Marcel Bos, ICAF General Secretary

Authors Centre

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