The Jaap Schijve Award

From 1967 the ICAF symposium has traditionally started with the Plantema Memorial Lecture. The associated Plantema Medal is meant as an award for a long and fruitful career in the field of aeronautical fatigue. Only recently, Delft University and the NLR have established an equivalent biennial award for young and talented academics in this field. It is named after Professor Jaap Schijve and consists of a medal and a prize of €5000,=.

Fatigue and damage tolerance are mature disciplines thanks to many dedicated workers. Nevertheless, in their application to aerospace there is a constant need and drive for new and improved knowledge and techniques to cope with the introduction of new materials, new structural concepts that are lighter and cheaper, and new operational maintenance concepts that call for less aircraft downtime and a decreased operational burden. This calls for well-educated engineers and scientists who not only keep the disciplines of fatigue and damage tolerance alive, but who also push the limits of knowledge and skills to greater levels. The International Committee on Aeronautical Fatigue recognizes this fact and has agreed to the idea to present the Jaap Schijve Award on the last day of the ICAF symposium. It is felt that presenting an award to a young researcher at this occasion certainly promotes the idea that the subject of aeronautical fatigue is still much alive and is worth a career.

Call for Candidates
The selection criteria are provided in the Ground rules. Eligible candidates from any country, worldwide, are invited to submit their resume to stating “Schijve Award 2023”. The application should be accompanied by a letter of recommendation from an acknowledged expert in the field of aeronautical fatigue, preferably the supervising professor. The deadline for submission is 31 March 2023.