Abstract submission

You are encouraged to submit a 1-page abstract before extended date of November 16, 2022 on any of the following topics:

  • Urban and advanced air mobility
  • Airworthiness considerations
  • Advanced materials and innovative structural concepts, incl. 3D-printing of metal components
  • Adhesively bonded repairs / reinforcements
  • Full-scale fatigue testing of aircraft and aircraft structural components
  • Life extension and management of ageing fleets
  • Structural health and structural loads monitoring
  • NDI, inspections and maintenance
  • Fatigue crack growth and life prediction methods
  • Fatigue life enhancement methods and repair solutions
  • Environmental effects
  • Probabilistic modelling and risk analysis of structural integrity
  • Corrosion and environmental control (management of aging fleets)
  • Residual stress engineering
  • Digital twins
  • Digital engineering

Abstracts should briefly outline the main research issues, research method, results and conclusions as well as their general significance. References might be added.

In order to submit an abstract please create an account on the ICAF2023 submission and registration site.

To submit your abstract you first need a login account. Within a few seconds you will receive a one-time-key by email which you can change when you login. After signing in on with your personal account you can submit your abstract conform the ICAF2023 abstract template.

After submission you ALWAYS receive an submission confirmation by email. In case you do not receive this, the submission did not work Please try one more and do not forget to click the submission button.

There is no limitation in the number of abstracts submitted per author; however, a maximum of two platform presentations (oral and poster) by the same speaker will be accepted. 


A Word template is provided for your convenience. This template is already set with the correct page size, fonts, line spacing and margins, as required for ICAF2023 book of abstracts. This will ensure that you are using the correct format.

Please convert your ICAF2023 abstract to a PDF file. Be sure to embed the fonts when creating the PDF.

  • DO NOT password protect your file.
  • Make sure the filename has only one extension (“.pdf”)


After peer reviewing you will receive the authors notification on December 15, 2022, and the invitation to submit a full paper.

Full Paper submission

All authors of accepted abstracts are kindly requested to upload a full paper for the proceedings of a maximum of 7 – 12 pages (max. 15) to the conference website before 1 May 2023. The proceedings will be published on the ICAF website and can be found via all known search engines such as Google Scholar and Scopus. The mandatory template can be found below

together with the Publishing Agreement that must be submitted in conjunction with your paper.

Only the papers from authors who have registered and have paid their conference fee before May 15, 2023 will be included in the proceedings.